Monday, February 25, 2013

Illustrating the concept

This interactive rendering is generated by
HTML5 JavaScript and WebGL.
A quick internet search for electric field will show a large number images. Most of which are similar to the initial appearance of the example on this page. However, the electric field is an intrinsically three dimensional phenomenon. Making the leap from the standard two dimensional representation to a three dimensional understanding is difficult at best. So start with a clear three dimensional representation. With OpenGL ES on Android or iOS, or with WebGL as done here, a much better representation can be presented. This image rotates and zooms in response to many of the standard browser actions such as a mouse or a finger drag. Though the touch interaction has only been tested under Chrome and Firefox on Android. This provides a differing three dimensional view that shifts in direct response to the user or learner action. This allows a very fast comprehension of the three dimensional nature of the field. This is an early proof of concept to show the general class of examples that can be generated, and with the right choices in the software design, it is easy to modify the presented example and incorporate it into existing content.

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